• Jomblang Cave Adventure

    A must destination if you love thrilling nature adventure. The location and the history of this cave will entice your senses and experience. You will use the ‘Single Rope Technique’ (SRT) to crawl in and out of the cave because of its vertical path from the entrance (width 50 meters) of the cave to its deepest depth (80 meters). Beware of height and darkness phobia!

    The history said it was a place where Indonesian Communist Party in the era of 1970 – 1980 was massacred by tied up to each other in a group and shot to dead until one of them fell into the cave and the others fell in too like domino effect. Quite barbaric, however worry not, the locals prayed for the spirits and so forth there is not any unwanted incident. Once you have reached the cave, you can smell the humid air surrounded by the forests and the sight is breath-taking! Inside the cave you can enjoy the sun rays through the cave’s entrance and exotic colours of the stalagmites.

    Even if you are a beginner in caving, you can still experience it with the guide you can find in the city.
    It is really a worth to try experience once you are in the town! 

  • Taman Pelangi

    Immerse yourself in the peace and beauty of rainbow in the night of hidden paradise.

    Taman Pelangi is one of enchanting place to enjoy your trip. Looking for the ultimate destination to impress your special holiday? Enjoy your special holiday with a colourful dimension of light once you’re stepping in.

    Let your eyes witness of sophisticated, superb ambience, impeccable services, and incredible venues. The beautiful night with the stars and colourful light under the moonlight have long been the epitome of good mood, offers a wonderful combination of them all. Spark your comfort and filled up with love.

  • Central Java Traditional Culinary: Gudeg at Yu Djum

    Gudeg is a traditional Javanese culinary which can be found in Yogyakarta. It is a jackfruit dish which is cooked for hours with coconut milk and famous for its sweetness. Although it is sweet, it still has savoury flavour and smell really good when served with freshly cooked hot rice, free range chicken, egg, tofu, fried chilli, and thick coconut sauce. Nyummy!

    Gudeg Yu Djum is the most famous and delicious one in Yogyakarta, which is a must to try when you are in town. What makes Gudeg Yu Djum so unique and special is because they are still using their family recipes for the fourth generation now; cooked with heirloom vintage stove which uses firewood and served on banana leaf for extra fragrance. Its Dry Gudeg (Gudeg Kering) is the most delicious and can be taken away as souvenir. Moreover, tourists are welcome to look at and try to in the process of making gudeg. Interesting!

    Its sweetness is perfect for every taste bud and if you love spicy you can just add more chilli. Gudeg Yu Djum can be founf in Sentra Gudeg Jalan Wijilan, Jalan Kaliurang km. 4 (sentra gudeg Barek) and at Jalan Adisucipto. Bon appetite! 

  • Sunrise at Candi Borobudur

    It’s a classic destination in Yogyakarta, largest Buddhist temple and one of seven wonder of the world. It is the most famous destination and the most crowded tourist site.

    Candi Borobudur is always captivating and never fails to awe people who visit it. It is highly recommended to come in midnight and wait until the sun rises. Astonishing and Majestic are the feelings you will experience.

    Entrance fee is IDR 30,000 for the local and USD 20 for foreigner. Sunrise tour package is IDR 250,000 for local and IDR 380,000 for foreigner.

    Don’t forget to check out and try the local cuisines around Borobudur, fill up your stomach for your energy in adventuring Borobudur. 

  • Cable Car or more likely Traditional Hanging Cart (Gondola) at Timang Beach

    Who loves activities which spur adrenaline? If you are self-proclaimed an adventurous traveller and a foodie, you must experience this hyped destination. It is not your usual cable car, it is made with wood and bamboo tied with strong ropes and moved by human power. What makes it terrific is the fact that the ‘gondola’ moves between high cliff and rocks with strong current of waves underneath. Interesting isn’t it?

    The history of this ‘gondola’ was it used to transport the locals for harvesting lobster! Yes lobster, because of the environment is a suitable habitat for lobster; you can say it is a lobster paradise. The size of the catch is bigger than the normal size. You can enjoy the fresh lobster cuisine which is packaged with rice, crackers, chilli sauce, peanut brittle, and hot tea for a price ranging from IDR 250,000,- to IDR 350,000,-. You can bargain with the friendly merchant. Entrance fee to Timang Beach is IDR 50,000,-, and riding fee for the hanging cart forth and back is IDR 150,000,- per person. Worth a try when you are travelling in Yogyakarta! Timang Beach is located in Tepus, Gunungkidul.

  • Sunset Candi Ratu Boko

    Ratu Boko is famous for its magnificient sunset. It it the best place in Yogyakarta to enjoy your afternoon break while see the sunset itself.

    Ratu Boko is a temple in Yogyakarta that is located in a hill. We can see Yogyakarta from there.



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